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Anxiety/Stress Management Group
Tuesdays at 4pm

Out of pocket price $30 per session
 (if not covered by insurance)

This group is designed to help trauma survivors cope with day to day anxiety and stress while building community.

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My name is Joanne Allen, I am a licensed professional counselor with a masters in counseling psychology. I have been working with individuals of all ages for 20 years and I have experience helping people to clarify and meet their goals.   I am also a trained interior designer who loves to help people create beautiful spaces to live and work.  

I believe that by changing your home and habits to support your goals you clear a path for success on all levels.  Houses have an energy to them and that energy can either work for us or against us.  This energy is impacted by many things; events that have happened in the house past and present, cleanliness, clutter, light, scent, and those that live there to name a few.  

You will have the opportunity to take a comprehensive look at your life and create a life that is authentic for you.   I will help you address any areas of your life that are interfering with your ability to be the best version of you.  I will teach you the tools to help you live a life of purpose and satisfaction.

Helping you reach your potential

I am located in Old Colorado City.  

2524 W Colorado Ave Ste 209,

Colorado Springs, CO 80904

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Phone: 719-217-6249

Email:  joanneallenlpc@gmail.com

Facebook:  Therapeutic Interiors 

Instagram:  therapeuticinteriors 



  • Liberal Arts BA,
    • Colorado State University


  • Masters in Counseling Psychology
    • ​CU, Denver
  • Licensed Professional Counselor

Interior Design:

  • New York Institute of Art and Design
    • Interior Design Program Graduate
  • ​RIDQC Certified Residential Interior Designer