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Have you tried traditional therapy in the office and found that isn't enough to bring about the change you need?  My services take therapy to the next level when there are multiple layers to the issues impacting you and your family.  Together we will develop a custom treatment plan to get you on track to live the life that you deserve.  

​Many families and individuals struggle today.   It is so easy to get off track with the numerous pressures and distractions drawing our attention away from what really fulfills us.  I have experience working with families, couples and individuals in a number of different settings.   I have 20 years of experience working in the mental health field helping people who have survived the unimaginable.  

The root cause of most of our suffering  is trauma.   Trauma causes people to feel overwhelmed and anxious.   It impacts sleep, appetite, and motivation.    I have several treatment options to help people create a balanced, fulfilling life.  I will help you stabilize your emotions and behavior so that you have the energy and focus to change your life.  Together we will identify solutions to your mental health symptoms with the most holistic, empowering and natural solutions possible. 

Together we will look at the various areas of your life that you would like to change, not only your life but your home as well.   We will create a life that you are proud of and an environment that supports peace of mind.  I offer traditional in office therapy and enhanced services as needed.